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Brenda Daniels Manager, Economic Development [email protected] +1-919-760-6363


Raleigh, NC

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ElectriCities of North Carolina

ElectriCities is the energy behind public power. For more than 50 years, ElectriCities has helped North Carolina public power communities provide safe, reliable and affordable power to their customers.

ElectriCities serves more than 1.2 million people in North Carolina public power communities, including 32 members of the N.C. Eastern Municipal Agency (NCEMPA) and 19 members of N.C. Municipal Power Agency #1 (NCMPA1).

Corporate Profile

Core Services

ElectriCities provides many of the administrative services needed by municipally owned electric utilities, including:

- Training Programs
- Consolidated Services
- Budgeting/Forecasting
- Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
- Corporate Communications
- Economic Development and Industrial/Commercial Services
- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
- Technology Services and Information Management


ElectriCities is proud to count 67 member cities in North Carolina.