TBIC Services

The TBIC bridges the gap between Economic Development Organizations and European investors searching for a perfect location in the United States.

Overview Services

The Transatlantic Business and Investment Council (TBIC) is a membership organization for local and regional U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to market themselves to potential investors from Europe by means of an extensive membership network as well as events designed to connect EDOs with potential investors and multipliers from Europe. Below you can find an overview over our services – for both EDOs and European investors.

For EDOs:

For European Investors:

FDI Trips

TBIC FDI Trips to Europe offer a unique opportunity to get in direct contact with main FDI stakeholders, multipliers and companies in Europe.

U.S. Market Expertise

The TBIC represents a geographically diverse membership in Europe. Paired with our Advisory Council and the TBIC Team, we serve as a valuable resource to companies looking to enter or expand in the U.S. market.

Community Network

The TBIC Community & Member Network offers a unique opportunity to become part of a dynamic and strong platform of U.S. communities in Europe.

Country-Specific Competence

Even though the European Union maintains the biggest single market in the world, every member country still features its own unique business culture.

Community Events

Participate in key TBIC Events, including our inbound delegations of European investors, TBIC Annual Meeting &Conference and familiarization tours.

Business Planning

Once the decision to set up production abroad has been made, writing a thorough business plan is key.  

European Office Representation

Just like foreign prospects who want to expand in the United States need a local representation, the economic development efforts of your organization in Europe benefit tremendously from a permanent European presence.

Regulatory & Legal Advice

Moving from the European to the American legal environment often proves challenging for European companies.

Mercator Service

With their business-readiness for Europe in mind, the TBIC will support your local businesses in determining the feasibility of their strategy for the world’s largest single market, the European Union.

U.S. Business Partners

Whether you are looking for potential customers, new distributors or a joint venture partner, our members will be able to point you in the right direction.

Site Selection Network

Finding the right location for your U.S. operation is paramount. But assessing the potential of 50 states and over 3,000 counties in the U.S. is a challenge.

Visa Services

When your business across the Atlantic grows, being able to send stakeholders abroad and have them transition between the United States and Europe without friction becomes essential.

Executive Search

Once you have made the decision to expand your business in the United States, finding the right people to lead your local operation becomes critical.

Building your Facility

The TBIC not only brings together strong communities and the experts from our Advisory Council, but also encompasses corporate members, including some of the most experienced construction and design companies that regularly work together with European companies entering the U.S. market.