For EDOs

Become part of a vibrant network of U.S. Economic Development Organizations active in Europe.

For Economic Development Organisations (EDOs)

Being invited to join the TBIC means access to a straightforward and cost-effective way of maximizing your exposure to European investors.

To effectively bridge the gap between U.S. EDOs and European investors, the TBIC offers a variety of services. Ranging from direct representation through our office representation program or delegation trips to meet European investors, to U.S. event formats such as our certification programs, annual conference and familiarization tours with our distinguished experts from the TBIC Advisory Council.

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Virtual Prospect Meetings - temporary special service -

While TBIC believes in the unique impact and value of in-person meetings and relationships, the COVID-19-related limitations of international travel and events temporarily require a new format of prospect meetings. While company executives and economic developers cannot meet in person, our TBIC Virtual Meetings provide a great opportunity to “e-meet” instead. TBIC Virtual Meetings are 45-60 minutes long interactive videoconferences with a small group of TBIC members and a prospect company introduced and moderated by a designated TBIC employee. Virtual meetings are offered in packages of 4 meetings over a pre-scheduled timeframe.

For more information, visit our upcoming events page and get in touch with us via email!

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Delegation Trips

TBIC FDI Trips to Europe offer a unique opportunity to get in direct contact with main FDI stakeholders, multipliers and companies in Europe. Accompanied by experienced TBIC staff and a member of the TBIC Advisory Council, TBIC brings you into contact with organizations and business institutions who will be useful partners for future lead generation and visit companies who are planning to build up or expand their production in the United States.

For the rest of the year 2020, all delegation trips will take place virtually. The structure of our virtual delegation trips corresponds with our conventional trips, thus enabling you to get in contact with European companies during the time of travel restrictions.

For more information, get in touch with us via email or have a look at our upcoming events to see which promising source-markets the TBIC visits next!

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Community Network

The TBIC Community & Member network offers a unique opportunity to become part of a dynamic and strong platform of U.S. communities in Europe. The special benefits available to members of the TBIC network include the listing in the TBIC Membership Directory, which is actively circulated among potential European investors, site selectors and vital FDI-Institutions all over Europe. Membership also includes access to the TBIC members-only mailing list with news on European FDI in the U.S., legal changes and recent events and access to all TBIC services, including FDI recruitment trips.

Find out more about all the benefits TBIC Membership has to offer.

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Community Events

Through our TBIC Inbound Delegations, we enable our member communities to directly market themselves to European investors that travel with us through key industrial clusters in the United States.  Every year, our Annual Conference, hosted by a TBIC member, also brings together the entire TBIC community, as well as distinguished outside guests and European companies, thus providing another promising avenue for exposure. Furthermore, we host a wide variety of FDI conferences all over the U.S. as part of our TBIC Familiarization Tours. These events provide a unique opportunity to learn more about European FDI and the TBIC while personally getting to know our participating advisory council members who want to learn more about your region.

Check our upcoming events and see when we'll be in your area! No event nearby? Contact us to plan a joint event.

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European Office Representation

Just like foreign prospects who want to expand in the United States need a local representation, the economic development efforts of your organization in Europe benefit tremendously from a permanent European presence. The TBIC Office Representation includes a physical address at a premium location in the heart of Europe; a European telephone number serviced by a designated TBIC employee; designated working hours for follow-ups, translations, travel support and much more! The European Office Representation is a dynamic concept open to all TBIC members.

Reach out to us to find out more. 

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TBIC & Navigator Consulting:
"The FDI-Qualified Community Certification"

The TBIC Certification Program “The FDI-Qualified Community” is a unique certification program embedded in a holistic framework that gives communities the ability to verify their international ambitions and market themselves as “FDI-ready” communities. Its goal is to assess your region holistically and highlight specific community strengths in infrastructure, workforce preparedness, community leadership, cultural competence and intercultural communication that are essential to successfully attracting, securing and retaining international investments (FDI).

Please contact us to learn more about the TBIC Certification Program.

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Mercator Service

Supporting your community also means supporting your local companies. 

With their business-readiness for Europe in mind, the TBIC will support them in determining the feasibility of their strategy for the world’s largest single market. From gathering their project parameters and requirements to optimizing them in accordance with EU standards and practices, the TBIC will guide them in the right direction for Europe. 

Advisory Council Member Thomas Schwegmann can provide his Mercator Service Program, a set of EU market-entry solutions, offering comprehensive services for companies seeking to operate in the EU. From simple representation to business set-up and logistics, Pons Origin provides tailored strategies for your success in Europe.

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