TBIC Services for Investors

We can offer a wide range of services to European companies looking to expand their footprint in the United States.

TBIC Services for European Companies

Once European investors have made the decision to locate in the United States, they face a complicated question: what is the best location for my company in a country of 50 states and over 3,000 counties that can each feature different industry clusters, electricity prices, labor costs and availability, tax regulations, infrastructural connections and more? Through our carefully selected members, advisory council and alliance partners, the TBIC stands ready to help your company make the right decision.

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U.S. Market Expertise

The TBIC represents a geographically diverse membership of U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) in Europe. Together with the experts of our advisory council and the TBIC Staff which operates at the forefront of the transatlantic business community, we serve as a valuable resource to companies looking to enter or expand in the U.S. market. Whether you are at an early stage of assessing your market potential, or  already decided on setting up production across the Atlantic, we are able to assist you in identifying and filling any informational gaps that may surface.

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Country-Specific Competence

Even though the European Union maintains the biggest single market in the world, every member country still features its own unique business culture. Consequently, tailored approaches are needed to bridge the gap between individual European companies and the U.S. market depending on their country of origin. The TBIC, through its multilingual team, including our TBIC Representation in the Nordics operated by Charlotte Nytoft, the TBIC Advisory Council featuring experts from all key European markets, and our Alliance Partners, is well-positioned to support European companies according to their specific needs and contexts.

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Business Planning

Once the decision to set up production abroad has been made, writing a thorough business plan is key. However, assessing the cost of essential inputs for your operation can be challenging, given the intricate landscape of different laws and regulations affecting everything from labor, to capital expenditure, to utilities and logistics in different locations in the United States. Our network of distinguished experts and membership of economic development professionals can help you navigate past any potential pitfalls. Moreover, our TBIC Advisory Council incorporates legal experts and CPAs that will assist you in ensuring that your business case is rock-solid.

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Regulatory & Legal Advice

Moving from the European to the American legal environment often proves challenging for European companies. Given the very different corporate structures, tax environment, and business regulations, it can be hard to properly gauge the changes needed to thrive in the U.S. market. Based on the verified experience of our members with transatlantic FDI, they are able to notify companies right away of potential legal and regulatory hurdles they may or may not be aware of. One of the key parameters of market entry, deciding in which form to enter the market is crucial. Through our network of legal experts, we are able to advise you on the corporate structure that minimizes your risk and accelerates your potential, based on your individual profile.

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U.S. Business Partners

Whether you are looking for potential customers, new distributors, or a joint venture partner, our members will be able to point you in the right direction. Given the intricate relationship of economic development professionals and their regional companies, they not only understand your position in the market, but can actively serve as a valuable network to connect you with the partners you need across the Atlantic.

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Site Selection Network

​Finding the right location for your U.S. operation is paramount. But assessing the potential of 50 states and over 3,000 counties in the U.S. is a challenge. The TBIC prides itself in the selection of its member communities, as each commands expertise garnered from past experience in supporting European companies transition to the United States. Through our geographically diverse membership and the site-selection experts of our TBIC Advisory Council, we can provide you with the network that will help you find a location that will ensure your venture's success.

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Visa Services

When your business across the Atlantic grows, being able to send stakeholders abroad and have them transition between the United States and Europe without friction becomes essential. Through our TBIC Advisory Council, we are able to provide you with a trusted, government-certified partner that will help you navigate the intricate layers of the transatlantic immigration system.

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Executive Search

Once you have made the decision to expand your business in the United States, finding the right people to lead your local operation becomes critical. Our partner network provides you with tailored solutions, based on their extensive experience as an international recruitment agency that specializes in finding capable and driven individuals that can succesfully bridge the European and American business cultures.

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Building your Facility

As an organization, the TBIC not only brings together strong communities and the experts from our TBIC Advisory Council, but also encompasses corporate members, including some of the most experienced construction and design companies that regularly work together with European companies entering the U.S. market. From smaller office spaces to large-scale production facilities with specialized requirements and layouts, our partners stand ready to build the facility you need.

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