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Gregor Ulbrich Business Development Manager [email protected] 001-864-952-1251


Hamburg, Germany / Miami, FL, USA

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SENATOR INTERNATIONAL provides comprehensive international freight, shipping, logistics, warehousing and distribution services to customers located throughout the world. Our decades of expertise ensure that your shipments are transported on schedule, clear customs without delays, and reach their destination on time, every time. We combine the strengths of a company that operates globally with the sensibilities of a team that has never forgotten its small business origins. With superior transparency in our operations, access to all levels of management within our organization, and the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs, we consistently deliver exceptional value and service.

Corporate Profile

Core Services

– Air freight, ocean freight, and trucking operations
– Logistics, warehousing, packaging, distribution and events services
– Transport solutions customized to your needs
– Transparent supply chain and state-of-the-art reporting and controlling



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