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Robert Winborne Managing Director

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Atlanta, GA

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Brookwood Associates

Brookwood is an independent investment banking firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to our other strategic advisory services, Brookwood has developed an expertise assisting non-US companies or their subsidiaries make US-based acquisitions. As international companies consider entry into the U.S. market or expansion of their existing U.S. operations, acquisitions of U.S. companies can often be part of the strategic solution. We help global companies plan and execute successful acquisition strategies in the U.S.

Senior-Level Execution
Brookwood brings a hands-on commitment of highly experienced bankers to every assignment. Your Brookwood team draws from the wisdom and intelligence of hundreds of successful assignments in a wide variety of industries, circumstances, and challenges.

Every Brookwood team member brings a service mentality to your project. We believe that it is a privilege to be able to serve our clients, so we bring dedication, respect, and a collegial attitude to all of our interactions. As a privately-owned firm, we take a long-term view toward our business. That means always giving advice that is in our clients’ best interest.

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Corporate Profile

Core Services

- Developing and refining acquisition strategy
- Identifying and contacting targets
- Managing the information flow (diligence and data room)
- Financial modelling and valuation
- Formulating and negotiating offers
- Coordinating all activities between letter of intent and closing

Client Profile:
- Non-U.S. Company or U.S. subsidiary
- Strategy to grow by acquisition
- No experienced M&A personnel in-house (or a small team without enough bandwidth)
- Frustration over the lack of success with past M&A efforts



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